anQínea is a Dutch singer/songwriter and actress.

She was just 17 years old when she went to Chicago in the USA to take acting and singinglessons. She played in several musicals, such as Pippin and Caroussel.

Back in The Netherlands, she got admitted to the Rotterdam Conservatory, where she studied singing with Jan Heije, Peter Hens and Coco York. During the second year of her study, anQínea became leadsinger of a band called Fuse Fun Factory. The band was very popular with Dutch embassies and multinationals like KLM, Shell and Heineken.

As a result, she performed in countries all over the world.

Besides Fuse Fun Factory’s performances as a main act, the band regularly accompanied national and international acts such as The Magic Platters and multiple Eurovision Song Contest winner Johnny Logan.

Parallel to her carreer as leadsinger with Fuse Fun Factory, anQínea acted in several plays (All About Adam, ContrAct & Co) and frequently made her appearance on Dutch television.

She also worked as a principal at a music school, and in 2010 she became director of a culture and art centre (MK24) in Amsterdam.

anQínea is a very well-respected teacher. Her specialty is helping singers find their own unique sounds and teaching them to free their voices from the usual conventions about singing.

“Each voice is a unique instrument when you respect its special character,” says anQínea.

This approach involves a continuous development and deepening that also applies to her own artistic growth.

In 2009 she started working on songs by internationally renowned composers such as Burt Bacharach and Norwegian singer Silje Nergaard. This resulted in an entirely new 5-member band.Together with others she writes her own songs, which are a part of the anQínea repertoire. The style of anQinea is best described as a crossover between pop and jazz.

In 2010 the band was invited to play at the South Korean Jeju festival. In 2011 anQínea performed as a soloist at the Bangkok City Jazz Festival and the Koh Samui International Jazz Festival, both in Thailand.

anQínea is widely recognized and praised for the purety of her voice. Through her phenomenal technique she knows how to portray vocal essence in many different musical styles.

Countries attended:

Belgium, Brunei, Germany, England, France, Gabon, Greece, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, South-Korea, Spain, Thailand, USA.

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anQínea bio short (pdf)

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